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    1. Doncs la veritat és que mai no he segueit gaire aquestes coses, sempre m’ha costat bastant. Llàstima que ara estic a la bilbioteca i no porto cascs, però hi faré un “cop d’orella” que m’ha picat la curiositat i a més fa pinta de ser interessant. També és una bona manera de “culturitzar-se” sense haver d’acudir a la premsa escrita que s’ha de pagar i aquesta no. (no és que sigui català, sóc realista. Perquè a part de no pagar no has de llegir, només escoltar…xd).salutacionsPP ARXER

    2. I’ve been ignoring Google Gadgets since it appeared on the edges of my radar. Didn’t really bother to check it out. That monkey grabbed my attention, though! Just clicked onto the Google Gadgets site and I’m sure I can find something useful for my website.

    3. George Best, They would likely trade Pau for expirings, either not re-up Bynum or build the next team around him, and then use the Amnesty clause on Kobe. If they go that way, it would likely occur next year, prior to the new luxury tax rules kicking in and to the summer of 2014, when, as of now, Kevin Love and Chris Paul among others, can be FAs.

    4. , fantasy is a very difficult genre these days…although such a statement is debatable, I feel like the novels that revolutionized the genre has openly challenged originality within such veins. It seems that most novels are within the boundaries of previous work. The aspect of it being unique is what I liked about Martin’s work.

    5. something they don't agree with.I don't care. Neither you or anyone else will tell me how to think. And I will still defend your right to say what you will, even though you may try to silence me.Good luck trying to shut us conservatives up!Guy

    6. I started a group requesting a kidney donor but no longer wish to keep the group open as i have lots of disrespectful comments or offers that are illegal asking for money. Unfortunately when i was targetted by the 1st problem person, I left the group as an administrator stupidly thinking the group would then close but now i am stuck as it is still open, I am still getting problems and i cant close it as i’m no longer admin. Someone please help as this is very distressing and am already having a distressing time without that. I cant contact facebook to remove it as there is no contact details

    7. Wah wah wah. People post comments that appear offensive because SOME people have figured out that they are being hoodwinked. IF you don’t want people posting comments, then simply remove the option to post comments from a forum, webpage, etc. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.Come clean, by the way.

    8. Robert M, Richard Pryor was in fact a house nigger (a hypocritical hiding “up in the attic” house nigger if you ask me). Sidney Poitier, Lou Rawls, James Brown… all of them, all the way back to friggin Frederick Douglas hypocritical house mongering backside. The list goes on. I would never quote anything from those people. (spit)

    9. Tach zusammen,gestern war im Münchner Norden in der Nähe vom BMW FIZ (Forschungs- und Innovationszentrum).Und da ist vor mir ein Motorrad hinter die Schranken von BMW Motorrad (nicht der Niederlassung) gefahren das ich zuerst nicht kannte.Beim näheren vorbei fahren war es definitiv ein Prototyp der F800R!Ich hab leider nicht erkannt ob sie Kette oder Zahnriemen hat, sorry.Gruß Anonymus

    10. Berdych a perdu son premier set du tournoi, mais Sod commet plus de fautes et a moins le temps d’armer son coup droit, le service est moins régulier aussi.Le terrain détrempé contre Fed convenait mieux à son jeu.C’est moins impressionnant que mardi, Jérôme, mais bon, je viens de prendre à 5-2 et Sod n’avait pas fait un 1er set terrible…

    11. Larry, as always I find your comments insightful and clear. It will be interesting as to what Toyota will do now that keeps the same type of thing from happening months from now. How do they slowdown and regain control yet meet the company financial performance and competitive expectations? I think this situation is actually happening in a number of companies in a less public manner.

    12. « C’est une pratique classique dans les “civilisations” primitives. Les garçons ont une “valeur”, pas les filles. »Faux en ce qui concerne les sociétés matriacales y comprisEt qu’entendez-vous par « société primitive » (non états-unienne? non européenne? non occidentale?)

    13. sokolyata “Розділяй і владарюй!”,це проходить віками крізь нації,сім’ї,дружбу,людину…Сила не у поділі- у об’єднанні!!!

    14. Quando fiquei sabendo da ciclofaixa em Moema, já fiquei mais contente, sempre na esperança de que essa iniciativa chegue aos lugares onde vou com a bike.Espero que essa iniciativa tenha continuidade a toda a cidade, inclusive fora do centro expandido. Precisamos muito disso, e tenho certeza que os problemas constatados nessa ciclofaixa serão solucionados e a cada trecho criado, tudo será aprimorado.

    15. Sorry to not have the final answer but compost should not have food scraps unless it is unused vegetables and the like. Food scraps will bring rats,foxes and cats.There are proprietary powders in the garden centre that help with the bacterial break down.A garden book in the library or bookshop will give a tiny bit more detail.

    16. dude! you are sooooo far off! the mustang is better, in spite of the live rear axle.Ford did a FANTASTIC job making it work! and the reviews from txGarage and almosts Every other place have proven it!i think someone is biased… it’s not so much the guys here though

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    18. MikeTheres a reason why hasbarats troll on sites like these. They want you to spin your wheels until youre too tired to give a shit.Its very simple. All things judaic=bad for non-jews.It all reverts back to the talmud/kahal. I researched the hell out of communism in the Soviet and thats all it took to convince me 100%. Before that, I was awake but only 99%.Stick it to the jew.

    19. Concordo anch’io con i commenti precedenti.L’idea del testimonial interno all’azienda non è male, ma se questo non è “riconoscibile” in qualche modo dal pubblico, se non viene “presentato”, il messaggio perde senso. Forse avrebbe giovato allo spot, vedere il presidente (e non solo la sua mano) che passeggia tra gli olivi, spiega la sua passione e infine firma. Però la scelta della voce “autentica” è in linea con il prodotto, per cui non la valuto negativamente.

    20. SÃ¥ gøy da! Kan godt skjønne at du “kastet deg over dem”. NÃ¥r jeg ser Beardiser titter jeg nok ekstra lenge, jeg ogsÃ¥. Sheltier ser jeg sjelden to ganger pÃ¥. Men Collier kaster jeg meg over, selvom de er vanlige, og jeg ikke har noen selv :pJeg har ogsÃ¥ begynt Ã¥ legge merke til, og titte pÃ¥ , bÃ¥de Boerboel og Lapphunder, pÃ¥ grunn av Heidi og deg.

    21. You could not be more wrong. She is brilliant. From her interviews to her actual roles she keeps me and everyone in my family laughing. She entertains all ages and me and my friends make everything she’s in a must see. She’s phenomenal at what she does. One of the est comedians out there

    22. I do love the manner in which you have framed this specific matter and it really does present me personally a lot of fodder for consideration. Nonetheless, coming from everything that I have experienced, I simply just trust when the actual reviews pile on that people today keep on point and don’t get started on a soap box associated with some other news of the day. Yet, thank you for this fantastic point and whilst I can not really go along with it in totality, I value your standpoint.

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    24. Wow Pat Metheny es un guitarrista que admiro mucho, es espectacular la forma en que toca el instrumento, incomparable, es un maestro!!! Feliz cumpleaños para Pat, antes no sabia cuando cumplia años, ahora lo se, "un día antes de mi nacimiento" genialSaludos Sergio

    25. jim10/12/04 From God The Father -A Letter Given to Timothy, For His Wife, and For All Those Who Have Ears to HearDo Not Stand with the Tide, For They Stand Near to DestructionWork with your brothers and SISTERS, in all things, whenever possible, for they are not mere people who believe inJesus, as you do, but are THE ELECT, and are more your brothers and sisters than those who are of your own blood. ???? were not the 144,000 of the elect all male virgins as per john

    26. Since we all know his BC is a forgery, with his narcissistic arrogance, he feels free to joke about it. He's treated the whole topic as a joke since he presented it on April 27, 2011.All of this indicates how spineless and weak he is as a person, as he continues to give the middle finger to anyone who dares to question his legitimacy.

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    28. Samuel – notwithstanding Richard’s excellent link; are you saying that moral duty of the global rich to ameliorate the suffering of the world’s poor is of a “considerably richer variety” than the moral duty to actually stop the harmful practices that are resulting in their suffering in the first place? Would you advocate providing a never ending supply of plasters to a guy who was being constantly shot at?

    29. practice, and since the Orthodox sign is different from the Romanist one, you can’t even say that the Reformers rejected an Orthodox practice, was driven by pastoral insight. (That’s not saying whether they were right or wrong).

    30. Based on the things I've seen that you do like, I'd suggest checking out the "Horrorpops". The song that got me hooked on them initially was "Walk Like a Zombie".If it's any consolation. I've been doing the opposite. Most of my digital collection was made up of more recent stuff. Now I'm going back and getting digital versions of all the stuff I had on cassette for years.

    31. Juurikin toisin päin! Siistissä huoneessa ei voi ajatella, pöydän tyhjentäminen tyhjentää myös pään!Mitä sekaisempi lattia, sitä rikkaampi mieli:D Ja siivouksen välttelyssä tulee tartuttua niihin epämieluisempiinkin luovuutta vaativiin tehtäviin.

    32. So, you know what everyone is going to say. Chase Ambulances! Depending on what the firm specializes in, you should join business trade groups or the local chamber, or BBB. Attend the meetings and network. You may even want to sponsor an invormative meeting on a topic your firm specializes in.

    33. I’ve noted the sarcasm embedded in certain articles about people who drive hybrids. Sarcasm aside, last year we traded in a sedan and an SUV for a Prius and a hybrid Highlander. Over thirteen months we are using half the fuel with little change in driving habits.

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    36. There comes a point where, even though you’re still laughing at the guy taunting the bears for having no opposable thumbs, you wouldn’t really be sad if one of them opened him up like a plastic bag at a campsite.

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    39. Nina, the book suggests using 3M Command removable adhesive strips to hang the various backsplash options. Haven't tried them myself on anything yet.The fabric should be reusable. It's just cornstarch and water so it should wash out easily. Though I haven't tried it yet with the door stuff, since the fabric is still on it! :)Paula, that's kinda crazy! Greetings from Evanston. Supposedly we're getting a Trader Joe's where the old Blockbuster used to be. It's taking a million years, so you don't have to be jealous just yet.Katelyn, THANKS!! You made me smile.

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    41. These are amazing! I seriously love the pointy collars SO MUCH. Ugh, I already know how to wear it if I’d ever own them.p.s. I was also wondering if you’re planning on ever making your adjustable pony garters in colours? (You know what a sucker for colour I am :D)

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    46. This is hands-down my favorite film version of Jane Eyre, and I saw and liked the 2006 miniseries.I love this Jane Eyre like I love the 1995 Sense and Sensibility. The similarities between them are striking in that both screenplays omit a great deal from the book and even have entirely invented additions, but because they’re so true to the spirit of the original, and because they stand alone as well-crafted films, I didn’t mind the changes. At all.

    47. Katy,I'm not sure that I'm the right person to ask. I haven't lived there in 30 years (though that perhaps is an answer in itself).My memories of the place are not all that great, but then, it has changed so much and so drastically since I lived there.If I was to move back to Texas, it would probably be to Austin or to San Antonio.

    48. Ikke dum, den der!!!! Jeg må nok innrømme at jeg kan telle på en hånd de gavene Gubben har kjøpt til meg i løpet av de 28 årene vi har vært gift,- inkl bursdag- og julepresanger, he-he. Men så var det alle de små tingene ellers i hverdagen da, de som jeg kan kanskje ofte glemmer. Sånn som feks når han finner et eller annet, og tenker "Ah, den vil Grethe sikkert ha!". Klemz i natten, mens "Mini" fyller opp tanken :DDD

    49. Il y a peu de risque de perdre le AAA dans les six mois à venir car le programme de rigueur est jugé crédible pour le moment. Mais si les agences ont le sentiment que la volonté du gouvernement se relâche, ou si la conjoncture faiblit encore, elles n’hésiteront pas à émettre un «outlook négatif» qui, dans 50% des cas, aboutit dans les six mois à une dégradation

    50. Shyla! I was floored how similar our lists are. But- I need to do some editing to yours…editorial in fashion mag needs to be moved to List A, as does live on the opposite coast- you’re ready baby! Let me know if you want to take off around the world and accomplish some of these- we can move random places and work until we have enough money to go somewhere else! Talk about an adventure!!

    51. pas être négatif de voir les choses telles qu’elles sont. Je suis ni en colère, ni triste. Mais je suis pas né hier, et je me fais pas d’illusion. C’est mieux de rêver en couleurs?Ok, je noirci le trait, mais c’est pour bien souligner. Et par un certain amour de la provocation. Ça fait de bon débats!

    52. Anonymous # 1–Yes, it is striking and touching that "Es lebe die Freiheit" not only embodies the names of the new parties patterned on Wilders', but is also a real-life, tragic expression of heroism that echoes the fictional last word put into the mouths of two legendary figures from centuries before: Goethe;s Götz von Berlichingen and Mel Gibson's William Wallace. Not a warrior or a revolutionary, just a young man who could have lived much longer if he and his sister had not offered that same resistance to an overarching tyranny.jlh

    53. Hi – I purchased the compilation of Willards that I think goes from 1995 through 2003. I signed up for email Willards a couple of years ago. Where is it possible to get a copy of the Williards from 2003 to about 2010? I love everything Susan Branch! Thanks, Sherrill

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    55. foi aqui que li um post sobre a morte, sobre o que acontecer e tal? salvei o link, mas o post não aparece mais, queria ver de novo! se foi aqui, por favor, me responda, ou me manda o texto? obrigado!

    56. :)) area 17 ani …incepe bine cartea , e vrajitoarea , trebuia sa imi dau seama de pe coperta :)) si mai e si acest Christian , care e ,,baiatul bun '' sper sa nu ma insel :)) oare ce secret ascunde el?Interesanta cartea:)

    57. gn–being debt free opens up options that we wouldn’t have otherwise. You’re probably finding you have more stress-free time, and can do many of the things you couldn’t before. Smart thinking doing the 10 year loan. If you can afford it, it may be the best way to eliminate your mortgage without having to make extra payments.

    58. Jami: Classes when you like them can have such a positive impact! I find some of my design classes seeping into my everyday life…And, bright, obnoxious hair is a blast- until it starts to stain everything it comes in contact with! I still have the remnants of bright hair from years ago stained inside shirt collars and on towels.

    59. , “Boy, it’s hot, but I guess I deserve to be here. I’m a Catholic and I doubted the infallibility of the Pope.”The second guy says, “It sure is hot, but I guess I deserve to be here, too. I’m a Baptist and I lusted in my heart after my neighbor’s wife.”The third guy says, “I’m a Christian Scientist. It’s not hot, I’m not here.”

    60. Kul att du bemöter mig som att jag är en flashbacktönt. ”bakom min dator”. ”fördomarna hos mig”, som att jag skulle vara hemlig rasist och strejkbrytare (men nej, jag tycker inte att det handlar om brÃ¥kmakeri 4 teh record). Lol.Mitt arbete är för övrigt inom social resursförvaltning, och inte att skriva om sex vilket jag bara gör av intresse. Ganska konkret och gnällfritt tycker jag.

    61. På gott och ont så är det helt lagligt det de gör. Hur mycket jag än hatar SD och allt de står för så vill jag åtminstone att de ska ha samma rättigheter som mig. Om man börjar förbjuda deras propaganda så måste ju rimligtvis det gälla för alla andra med. Innan vi vet ordet av så har vi då lyckats eliminera sidor som den här och expo vilket lämnar SD helt oemotsagda.

    62. Lo que debes estar es bastante aburrido, que por otra parte no me extraña, tienes que tener CERO relaciones sociales, sólo hay que ver como te desenvuelves ……..para perder el tiempo así y tratar de buscar polémica donde no la hay. Y además te despides con “maqui navaja” ….. Penoso.Desde Ya te digo ,que no te voy a contestar a Nada , conmigo no vas a llenar tu Profundo Vacío.Sí , soy psicóloga!

    63. Sorry, Pete, but there’s no way the Hawks could have kept Byfuglien & Sharp another year under the cap. Not without losing a more important core player like Seabrook.

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    65. Good timing! I introduced my 9-yr old niece to international travel earlier this year and now she’s hooked. I asked her how she could earn some money to buy her next plane ticket and she decided she wanted to try making jewelry. I signed us up for a class in a couple of weeks, so we’ll have to see how it goes.

    66. I probably get more than the average number of attached files. I don’t think I’ve ever received an attachment that didn’t have a file extension.What email client are you using?

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    69. Mark,Thanks for stopping by The Broke Socialite. I look forward to tales of the trip to China. If there you come across any cost-saving tips while traveling or experienced any during the planning phase, please let me know and I’ll share them with my readers!The Broke Socialite

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    73. ps per Paolosolo per chiarire, non mi sto nascondendo dietro di te, semplicemente non ho intenzione di registrarmi a Luogocomune migliorandogli le statistiche: per doppiare la boa dei 5000 hanno contato tutti ;-)repiazz

    1. I found this recipe last night after I had JUST thrown away a bunch of broccoli stalks! Damn it! Luckily I had more broccoli in the fridge so I chopped off the heads and made these this afternoon. I put one on top of some pulled chicken with acovado and its absolutely delicious!!

    2. I absolutely agree with you Trish! Which is why I may make another shirt, I’d like to see more of the orange as well. I’m short waisted so it may be that even if I had the original pattern I’d have to modify it as well to see that last band. Lessons learned : ) The purple shoes are great, I can’t wait to make something that REALLY shows them off!

    3. Ce qui est usant au fond, c’est de devoir tout justifier. Tu es écolo, on se fout de toi. Tu ne l’es pas pas, on t’engueule. T’en parles, tu te la pètes, espèce de grand moralisateur ! T’en parles pas, ton immobilisme sera la cause de la fin du monde !Un geste, plus un geste, etc… c’est comme çà qu’on y arrivera.

    4. An excellent philosophy on Christmas. I think you have got it just right. Your Christmas is personal and has real meaning to you and Jon, though I never thought for one minute you would follow the herd! I love that jacket you've bought Jon by the way. Have a brilliant Christmas both of you. xxx

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    6. Die Idee mit der Verlosung ist echt super. Allerdings für Menschen wie mich, ohne Smartphone, wäre es schön, wenn es eine andere Möglichkeit gibt. Und dann drück ich mir jetzt schonmal ganz fest die Daumen. Ein Treffen mit Stephan…boar, der Traum überhaupt <3

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    8. Two question about peloton racing. I have been loyally watching the Tour for several years and I still don’t understand how it works that a breakaway is pulled back into the chase/ peloton (Is it just by being too tired?)and why don’t CSC, Phonak, T-Mobile, etc. just keep attacking Lance and Discovery and put time between them and the attacking team. Discovery (and more importantly Lance) would have to start losing time at some point wouldn’t they? Thanks!

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    11. Wow. All I can say is my husband and I are thankful for the “punishment” of our child who we had in high school at the age of 17. God has stretched us and grown us and taught us so much though that trial by fire. What was meant for evil He used for His good.[]

    12. Prashant, if there is an issue with anonymous comments, then I'm sure one can remove that option. Often people can't openly comment owing to reasons which I'm sure you are aware of. I'm sure you will agree that while freedom of press is important, it is equally important to report correctly. I hope that accurate reporting is an equally important aim of your blog. Sometimes inaccurate reporting can lead to sensationalism. That's usually the advantage I've seen with Spicyip over newspapers, since in the past Spicyip did not indulge in sensationalized reporting.Anon

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    14. I LOVE the quilt!!!! It is beautiful!! And I am praising the Lord with you that He used that to provide so wonderfully for you – it shows once again that He is able to do exceedingly abundant beyond all we ask or IMAGINE! Keep up the GREAT work! By the way, does your quilt pattern have a name?

    15. to you. I'm not sure if it's better to hear rude comments in person or read them from an anonymous source; to see the face that spoke the hurtful words or to imagine how ugly an anonymous face would look. Either way, I do know that in the short time that I've gotten to know you and hear you speak in person, you are someone I admire. I admire your courage to start a new career and your blog, to write about your life, passions, and inspirations. Please don't stop being that unfiltered, unafraid, unwavering you.

    16. Thanks Caitlin Delicious excerpt of your new release. Love the Russian devil already!Tara, where are you? It’s not available in N.Amer sadly. Only off the M&B site.Anne, beautiful website. You do like to keep your plate full! (A woman after my own heart.) Good luck with all your submissions.d

    17. When a book has a cover as great as the one that Gatsby has had from the very beginning, you'd better kick ass. That cover by Razorlight does something to ass that ends with the letters "ck," but it's not "kick."As for the Dracula cover by Ryan Adams, I'd like to comment on it but it seems that someone has smeared diarrhea all over it.

    18. Skins has become one of my all time favorite shows, but I think first and second season with the original cast had something that the third season lacks. Maybe more heart? Or maybe I just connected to the original characters more. Plus I miss Cassie.

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    31. Google takes pictures of us from satellites in space. Security cameras are a common sight in any store. The head of the CIA tells Congress that no one knows how many intelligence agencies and agents the United States has. Paranoia? Naw, what is there to be paranoid about?

    32. the modern state socialist tendencies, I figure if only the people funding the spending get a say, it might change some behavior on capital hill. Right now all democrats and I think a majority of the GOP are spending the purse to buy votes. Allowing the majority to rob the treasury. I think my proposal would be embraced by the Founders actually, since many states at that time had certain financial requirements to vote. Why should the leech get to decide how much more money of mine he can take?

    33. Mr Jonathan so-called Ph.d degree needs to be questioned, he is clueless and even find it hard to express himself. Since over two years now, what we hear daily are looting upon looting, these really tell Nigerians that Jonathan lack wisdow, capability, and knowledge to rule this country. The Ph.d has made no impact in his leadership.

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    36. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Gruffalo! Indeed, RA fandom seems to have many levels. I’m having a hard time thinking of another actor who attracts the same brand of fandom that RA does. I’m not particularly familiar with other fan forums, but I don’t read interviews with other actors in which they are asked about their army of fans!In regards to your comment on his physical appeal, maybe that’s one of the attractions of RA, that he is handsome in the old fashioned sense (personally he reminds me of actors of the classic Hollywood era). Perhaps he embodies what TV viewers have been missing from their screens.

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    46. Hi Alex,Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.I don’t see Dissociative Identity Disorder as a way of life. For me it is a disorder, and while it certainly has it’s positive sides, overall it’s maladaptive and problematic to be so fragmented and compartmentalized. Still I do think it’s important to normalize dissociation and hopefully most therapists treating DID try to do exactly that. While I wouldn’t say DID is normal by any stretch, I do believe it’s an extreme manifestation of what everyone experiences. And in that sense, yes, we are normal.Balance, I agree, is so key. And so hard to achieve!!!

    47. Joey, I LOVE these pictures!! The picture of my ring is one of my favorties! Thank you so much for making this day so comfortable for us! We are so grateful to be working with such a talented artist! I am can’t wait to see the amazing photos you will capture at the wedding!!!

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    53. Victoria, I've just scooted over to see your list (hey! bangs! they suit you perfectly!). I could have mentioned a lot of things you picked — Cuir de Nacre is outstanding. And I love that you also get that mossy saltiness in Mito: I find it prominent in Perle de Mousse as well.

    54. I’m an accountant not a writer so I have no clue what you’re trying to accomplish but I’m pulling for you!! I love your blog! Good luck! I can’t wait to read your book!!!!!

    55. Everyone that is willing to carry this great man’s vision, before the sad day that he passes from us, We need to start the transition. Our revolution into the time of human/technology/nature need to begin before we reach the breaking point. We cannot allow the clean up of the Earth take longer then expected because of us waiting for a collapse of this system.

    56. "how far the Yankees go this season will greatly depend on if the pitching can continue to give the Yankees a chance to win." The truest statement in baseball, for any team, for any year.

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    65. I personally donÂ’t believe in global warmingÂ… its not doing anything it just Earths cycle. IÂ’m tired of hearing this global warming crap. It was a lot worse than what people are telling you what is going to happen before.

    66. , they're just trying to pander to what they think their bosses and/or readers want. Either way, the article's tone and presentation of a wonderfully supportive community of moms and women is just… shameful.

    67. You sound like you’ve got yourself a seat at the frontlines of this battle which is definitely going to turn ugly. Please do pass on the spicy bits to us on the blog as and when is appropriate for you. 🙂

    68. when MS ships Jquery with VS, they will also ship an updated JQuery intellisense hints file, with ‘full’ help descriptions (tooltips). Cool. Also cool about the intellisense hints file – obviously useful for anyone building their own Jscript libraries…

    69. Hello BJ. Is that how you prefer to be addressed? I am very happy to be taking this class this semester and look forward to learning with everyone. This is my second semester online. I used this word press blog in one of my classes last semester and still do not have it quite down. So I think we are all learning together!

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    71. Dear Mr. Avery, These were all made really well and you did awesome with the background, although, I’m not sure why, but I couldn’t even keep my mouth shut even in that video, (the one that shows Ben F. before you play it). From, Jacob B.

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    83. Oh, man, Blogging HR keeps having this little “chat” with me, too. Blah. tell them you need a raise! And an assistant! And a hottie to feed you grapes and fan you when you need inspiration. That’s my current list of demands, ‘tho I doubt the bastards will give in…

    84. It’s impossible to imagine a socialism without a Gulag, an Auschwitz, or an NHS that routinely euthanises patients it deems unworthy of treatment (and then subsequently blamed on hegemonic capitalist starvation of resources).

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    88. Thanks for reading, Allison! I have heard several people voice similar concerns as yours. People have become more materially focused, and that is affecting their family relationships. I love your comment, “Where before the standard was “let us provide food, clothing and shelter for my family”, now the standard is “let us provide gourmet food, designer clothing and a million dollar house for my family.” This shift in focus minimizes the importance of good moral values which is the basis of good parenting.” Good insight!

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